Monday, May 9, 2011

it's a gorgeous day, and I'm stuck inside

With my allergies wreaking havoc on my sinuses, throat, and eyes I am forced to appreciate this gorgeous day from indoors. Bummer. Instead of frolicking in the park or shopping about, I'm taking the day to feel better, rest (which I haven't really done much of since the show closed) and look forward to what's ahead.

Let's look at this week's line up, shall we?

James Beard Awards tonight---hoping to hit an after-party with Dave. Mike Anthony (exec. chef at Gramercy Tavern) is nominated for Best Chef in NYC for the 3rd consecutive year and Eleven Madison Park is nominated for Best Restaurant in the Country (along with Highlands Bar and Grill). We're hoping that between the 3, there will be reason to celebrate tonight!

Tuesday evening: Chris Thile generously put us on the list for his concert. We had actually already bought tix, so my dear Julia and her beau are taking those and coming along. So excited to hear some ridiculously talented musicians while I sip cocktails and freak out over the fact that I haven't seen Julia in a WEEK. We've developed what some might call a seriously unhealthy level of attachment. I, of course, would disagree...and call that person jealous.
Enjoy these please:

Wednesday evening: A little quality time with Dave and pack...

Thursday: Flying down south! a little quality time with the fam.

Friday: Heading to New Orleans for Meghan Dailey's bachelorette extravaganza! REUNION TIME FOR ME, KARA, CRISTIN, MEGHAN, AND KATE. I'm a little concerned about how the other girls will react to our overall excitement to be together. It's been YEARS since I've been under one roof with all these ladies. This will be epic. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dealing with tragedy so far away...

Helpless: my emotional state, in one word. I'm so far removed from the pain and suffering and devastation, yet it's all I can think about. I want to help, but from 1,000 miles away the best I can do is donate to the Red Cross. After seeing the horrific images of my hometown, a donation doesn't seem like enough. I want to be a part of the team of volunteers sorting through debris and rubble at the church I grew up in. I want to prepare meals for our family friends who are still without power, water, or, even worse, lost their homes completely. I want to physically help. Then maybe I'll feel like I've contributed an ounce of what that town, that community provided me.

Growing up in such a tight-knit community is something I sometimes took for granted but never under-valued. As I've gotten older and moved away, my appreciation and pride of where I grew up has compounded. Cullman and it's wonderful people helped shape and mold me, provided support when myself or family needed it, and believed in this girl's far-fetched dreams when others thought them impossible. Hearing stories of families, neighbors, and friends coming together to rebuild, look for the missing, and deliver meals only a day after losing everything is the true meaning of 'community'. I stand in awe of the resilient spirit of so many and the outpouring of support from all over the country. May we continue to work together to restore our city, our state, our region to what it always has been: home.