Monday, February 6, 2012

Seriously, is this what I do?

Today's audition: Dress-up a la 1920's prostitute and say 6 words to the camera. Because those 6 words are really an adequate showcase of talent and will be a completely fair basis for judgment and critique of my capabilities. Being the jerk that I often am, I'm currently playing around with the worst possible way to speak these 6 one, sometimes two, syllable words. But considering this is for Boardwalk Empire, I probably shouldn't do that...

Last Monday I filmed a pilot for a hopeful new series called "Jonathan and Robert". It's about 2 chihuahua's, their owner, and his girlfriend (me). I got to be horribly patronizing to these 2 constantly shivering overgrown rats (I'm not a huge fan of this breed, if you couldn't tell) while the dogs sling witty insults at me in a Spanish accent via voice over. It's actually quite hilarious. Plus the director is awesome and I met some incredible folks on set. Hooray! So fingers-crossed on that one.

I've been in callbacks for a bunch of big projects lately, which is exciting in and of itself. However, it's rather exhausting and I'm growing tired of the 'close but no cigar' scenario that has become my life for the last month. Ugh. This biz is tough, y'all. For real. For real real. Oh well, 'onward and upward', 'on to the next', 'brush it off', 'buck up', and whatever else one says in these sometimes discouraging mostly annoying situations.



  1. hang in there babe. you are the consummate professional, never ceasing to amaze me with your creative capabilities and unique view of your world. And I don't remember what camera they were hawking, but the maria sharipova/pomeranian commercial from years ago still makes me giggle... "NO MARIA SHARIPOVA. Yooou LEESTEN. If you were on a show with spanish flavored talking chihuahua's... well, let's just say you might get knocked from the "Best Friend" bracket to the "Hero" bracket. love you.

  2. thanks, dear. needed to hear that. also, you would DIE at the horrible things these dogs call me. Hopefully, I'll be able to share it sooner rather than later.